Law and Culture: Reconceptualization and Case Studies

Tytuł: „Law and Culture: Reconceptualization and Case Studies”

Redaktorzy: Mateusz Stępień, Jan Bazyli-Klakla

Wydawnictwo: Springer

Miejsce i rok wydania: Cham 2022

ISBN: 978-3-030-81192-1 (Hardcover); 978-3-030-81195-2 (Softcover); 978-3-030-81193-8 (eBook)

Oprawa: twarda/miękka/eBook

Liczba stron: ix, 204

Uwagi: Law and Visual Jurisprudence, t. 5

Divided into three parts, this book examines the relationship between law and culture from various perspectives, both theoretical and empirical. Part I outlines the framework for further considerations and includes new, innovative conceptualizations of two ideas that are essential to the topic of law and culture: legal culture and customary law. Both of these reappear later in the more empirically oriented chapters of Parts II and III. Part II includes chapters on the relationships between law, customs, and culture, drawing heavily on the tradition and achievements of the anthropology of law and touching on important problems of multiculturalism, legal pluralism, and cultural defense. It focuses on the more intangible meaning of culture, while Part III addresses its more material, tangible aspects and the issue of cultural production, as well as its intersection with law.

Data opublikowania: 23.01.2022
Osoba publikująca: Łukasz Dziura